Writing Prompt: An emotional roller coaster in 100–150 words

Hemant Kulkarni
1 min readJul 12, 2020


‘Let’s go see the birds, Jack.’ Susie said and walked with her baby in arms to the balcony.

‘Baadz,’ said Jack.

‘Look! There’s one.’ She pointed a distant eagle and took a step.

Jack’s eyes followed. She kissed his chubby cheeks.

Then a crow flew over.

‘Cwow!’ Jack called and jumped. His feet locked in the railing and he tumbled out of Susie’s hold.

The next second felt like an eternity to Susie. Jack went over the railing and Susie’s hands followed Jack, fingers splayed.

Slap! Her fingers grabbed onto Jack’s diaper. Her thumb dug into his tender gut drawing blood. She pulled him up, gave him a bear hug and collapsed on the floor, Jack over her chest. She found herself screaming. She found Jack screaming.

Their screams mingled in the wind which carried their cries telling the story of a catastrophe barely averted.

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Hemant Kulkarni