Remember this while investing

Hemant Kulkarni
2 min readFeb 1, 2024

Investing should not be about should I invest now when the market is high or wait for the market to fall?

Investing should be about buying good companies to be a part of their growth and getting returns on that growth.

Markets are currently soaring around at all time highs. This creates FOMO in many people who pour in money with no regard for what they are buying.

Do not be reckless. Echoing hundreds of research studies, it is better to invest in index funds via SIP and forget about them than trying to time the market. There are large cap, mid cap and small cap index funds too and these vary in their riskiness.

If we are not willing to do the hard work and study the companies to pick and choose individual stocks, then we should acknowledge that the stocks we are picking will be lucky guesses in general.

Have a realistic goal in mind for the long term accumulation of wealth. Do not run around trying to catch rabbits.

If you want to learn to get good at this investing, on average, there are many good books out there by sensible investors. Follow these people and their advice. That is usually a shortcut to replicate what they have achieved. But you need to be careful whom you copy.

Copy a pig and you will roll in the mud, copy a falcon and you will fly!