Really? Does black magic work?

Hemant Kulkarni
2 min readDec 20, 2023
Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

People don’t really think about this. If black magic actually worked, as many people believe, then the whole world would be really different.

We would be ruled by those who excelled at black arts. They would consolidate as much as possible, like the ultra rich people do in our version of the parallel universe.

The people at the top would not remain there for long as they would always be targets of other black magicians. Or they would have to develop defensive tactics in tandem.

We would research into what exactly happens when we perform black magic, not how gravity works.

There would be utter chaos as anyone would be able to harm anyone by spouting words and drawing figures or poking dolls with needles.

People would put defensive, protective spells on their newborn children and this business would be like FMCG in our world for babies.

The fact that we don’t observe that around is a huge proof that black magic does not work. And no, it does not work “sometimes”. And no, only experts at black arts can perform it isn’t true.

It is all just confirmation bias. Everyone faces misfortune. Our ancestors in the past just figured out this one way which seems to explain misfortunes which are actually out of our control and luck based many times.