Pandemic Rules Enforcement

Hemant Kulkarni
2 min readApr 13, 2021

Government has come up with new lockdown rules again and it seems a repeat of the previous year.

But last year, people relaxed adhering to the pandemic rules and guidelines everywhere in India as the year came to a close. The falling number of daily cases also boosted people’s confidence that Covid has said goodbye to India.

Oh, but it did not. Like a kindergartner on a first day who walks a few steps into the school and turns around and runs back into the parents arms crying, the pandemic is back in India, missing all these people so much. And now it is hugging the country for comfort and warmth.

I wonder if a little change will help people take the rules seriously.

If the police were to randomly nab people blatantly breaking rules and fine them, and here’s the little change, and then if they were to film it and post it over on social media, that would spread the news super fast that the police are fining people for breaking rules and people will take it seriously again.

The problem with these rules is if I do not see the police enforce them on the populace, I tend to ignore the rules more and more. If the rule breakers are filmed though, even if I have not personally seen anyone get fined, I can be sure that somewhere people have been caught breaking rules.

It is a lot like those videos civilians filmed of the police beating up people roaming in lockdown. And soon people took it seriously due to the fear of getting beaten up.

The police have to only nab a few people each day, much less work than trying to find every rule breaker, and posting the videos on social media. Giving the impression that the rules are enforced is more important than actually enforcing them.

I wonder if this make some difference.

Photo by Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash