Opposition should focus on crafting stories

It is the job of the opposition to keep the government in power in check and to use chances to gain power themselves.

But Indian National Congress had failed in the previous elections to topple the government despite the government taking some widely criticized steps like demonetization. I can think of two reasons relating to stories: one was that BJP had spent tremendous energy in crafting emotional stories that they lasted for years and second was that Congress was inefficient themselves in extracting the true power of stories.

Think about the short ads that BJP ran before coming to power that featured common people who were pissed off with the Congress government. They touched many people and could have contributed in their win.

But I don’t see Congress utilizing this strategy even now despite the government taking too many shitty decisions. If they focus on real stories that can highlight the problems of real people in an emotionally touching stories and keep posting them on their social media, that soon will start a wave in favor of Congress and may help them in the coming elections.

They surely have the resources to find such stories, they just need to allocate them. It is time for them to stop being a punching bag for the BJP leaders.

Photo by Zoe VandeWater on Unsplash