Non-carbon based life forms

I recently learned about the possibility of non-carbon based life forms, most relevant, silicon-based life forms.

Silicon has 4 electrons in its outer shell just like carbon does but it has a hard time to form bonds in comparison to carbon. So we don’t see silicon-based life forms here on earth as it does not have that high level of energy flux.

But out there in the universe, there will be perfect conditions for silicon to combine with other elements into living organisms.

Like silicon, there is a possibility with other elements too. We don’t know yet what is possible though we have some idea of what might be impossible.

Because they have a different chemistry than our own, they may experience time on a different scale than we do. A thousand human years for them would be just a few minutes or even seconds.

This idea has taken deep root in my mind and I find it fascinating to wonder about them and what is out there.

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