Get ready for a rise in crime

Coronavirus is forcing humans everywhere to wear masks and follow social distancing measures. That is good for curbing its spread.

But there is one unintended consequence of it. As everyone is wearing masks, hardly anyone is easily identifiable.

Right now everyone is encouraging the wearing of masks. If you go to any supermarket, for example, you will see notices and fliers that urge you to wear masks. Some even make it mandatory.

But soon the criminal delinquents of our society will figure out that this is an easier time to rob, assault and commit crimes even in broad daylight. They will start doing so more and more. Witnesses won’t matter as the faces won’t be visible anyway.

Then the public places will be forced to force the people to remove their masks to be identifiable in their security cameras. The pendulum will swing back toward people not wearing masks and if coronavirus still exists in that future, it will have an easier time spreading again.

Keep an eye out for this anonymity induced crime wave.

I want to be so wrong with this one. But human beings are so predictable.

There is a reason why when there are huge public gatherings, there is always a police cover for them.

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

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