Benefits of remaining calm

(You will lead a happier life)

The obvious one: you are not anxious

Anxiety is not a good feeling. No one likes it. It is a natural feeling but we don’t face the conditions our prehistoric ancestors face. So our anxiety is many times unwarranted.

You see the clear picture

Being agitated makes your vantage muddled. It is like trying to look at the river bottom when the mud is all roiled up. You have to let the agitation pass and observe with clarity.

You can take better decisions

If you are driving with a dirty windshield, you won’t be able to see the road clearly. You will take wrong turns and end up in an accident. Being calm allows you to clear your windshield and take better decisions.

You won’t react

Agitation has an effect of making you react to the external stimuli. You do not want to do that. Reacting will cost you many friendships and relations. A reacting person is not a reliable person.

You will be present

You won’t be worrying about the future or dwell on the past. You will be present. You will have learned the lessons from the past and prepare for your future. So you will realize that the present is where life is.

You will have energy for the important stuff

Of course, each of us have our own situations where it is best for us to worry, be agitated and take some hasty decision. By remaining calm other times, we will be better able to deal with the anxiety of high stakes situations in our lives.

It is not an easy task to remain calm. It is like building a particular muscle in brain after years of exercise. You can do it but it takes time. Be patient.

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