Be wary of media

Hemant Kulkarni
1 min readFeb 25, 2022


In regards to the recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, many media houses have started putting out scary news segments and articles of what may happen in the future.

Remember that fear sells and so the more fearful the article and the show, the more eyeballs it will attract. Thus, more advertising revenue.

A consumer will end up with the impression that he has gotten a very educated and informed projection of the future given by the well-researched journalists.

You may even make bets in the stock markets based on such news.
But be very careful. No one can predict what can happen tomorrow, especially during the chaos of a war. The Russia-Ukraine war may blow up to a larger continental or global conflict, or it may end up in a matter of days. No one knows.

Get the news, insure yourself in the best possible way, do something to prohibit the spread of war, and move on.

No point in consuming future projections that can be made by monkeys.

Photo by UX Gun on Unsplash