I have mentally readied myself for a lifetime of constant learning with the art and craft of writing.

I give myself a few years more before the writing styles of all the amazing writers out there blend in me creating something good. Or perhaps a mush.

That does not mean I cannot write for the next few years. I must write each day or face the possibility of death like almost all of the protagonists do in good fiction. (Hey, I am the protagonist of my story. You don’t play an NPC from the first person, do you? Plot twist! I may also be the antagonist at the same time.)

I look forward to reading hundreds of thousands of books and write a handful. If I am lucky, at least one of my works will sell more than ten copies. Yes, ten. Not ten million.

Anyways, did I mention that I am going to try to imitate the writing style of Good Omens?

No? How rude of me.

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

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