A funny episode of Holy Indian television

Yesterday, I watched a short clip of the Vishnu Puran on the DD National channel and it was hilarious.

The Gods and monsters(?) make the sweet juice of immortality by churning the sea and then both desire it.

They come to an agreement that they will distribute equally among the Gods and the monsters.

But then the Gods decide to deceive the demons and Vishnu takes the shape of a beautiful Marathi actress (really) and distributes the juice first to the Gods. The plan is that he will distribute everything to the Gods.

You can see how happy the Gods are with their neat little trick.

But then a demon (the only smart demon) takes the shape of a God and stands in the Gods’ line and gets a sip of the immortal juice. Now he’s immortal and suddenly the Gods come to know of his real identity.

Then Vishnu gets all mad and crazy and chops his head off with his famous Chakra.

Oh, man. I laughed so hard at that. The Gods were fine until they were the ones deceiving others. But then when they became the victim, they all suddenly became furious.

Where is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? (Oh wait. That’s another religion.)

If they were mad at becoming a victim of deception, they should not have deceived themselves is all I am saying.

I know. I know. There is that justification “But those were demons, so Gods had to trick them, or we would have immortal demons ruling around here.”

I don’t have anything to say to that. But it was all hilarious. On par with some Dave Chapelle jokes.

I found a thumbnail for that episode too. I feel blessed.



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