You have seen these people on social media. They seem to pop up faster than pimples on a teenager.

They all have some common traits:

  1. They give free generic advice and stock
  2. They guarantee you with 1000% profit, but…
  3. To get that level of profit, you have to buy some shady course which (surprise!) they are selling.
  4. They have questionable intelligence.

If you get a kick out of seeing your money disappear though, these are the perfect people for you. Have fun.

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The news are talking about the packed hospitals with Covid patients.

The social media is flooded with requests for urgent requirements of oxygen beds or ventilators.

A close friend who is a front line worker informed how real the unavailability of beds is in hospitals.

Many of these situations could have been avoided by the government’s and the people’s actions. But sadly, mistakes were made. And people are paying with their lives.

Covid has been good at infecting people. But it has also been effective at exposing the systemic weaknesses of different countries.

Lack of enough beds and ventilators.

Lack of resources to control the spread of the disease.

Lack of proper leadership.

Lack of cohesive community.

Lack of management of healthcare and deficiency in supplies.

Covid has attacked many of the cracks in our system at the same time and this has overwhelmed the entire nations. When everything starts to fail, it becomes a question of: what can we save anymore?

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Government has been pleading the public to follow social distancing and wear masks in public at all times.

But that is only limited till pleading. When in comes to action, the political leaders have allowed whatever benefits them like rallies and their vote banks like Kumbh Mela gathering.

They are trying to give a message that we care for everyone, but also hinting: not that much.

It is like your child saying she loves you and will listen to what you say, but then sneaks away to the fridge to eat that delicious ice-cream.

Where I got the idea for this post

I came to know about this Indian government scheme a few days ago. I wish I had known about this earlier. I could have made a few thousand contribution to it already.

Open at least a Tier I account which has all the tax benefits. Contribute at least Rs. 1,000 every year. Forgot about your contributions till you are age 60. (though there are some allowances for withdrawing partial amount before that)

If you can afford it, make voluntary contributions as much as you can. Your 60 year old version will thank your investment savvy ass.

Please google to know more about it. There are many detailed helpful articles out there.

Look at that happy old man who is glad he opened a NPS account 60 years ago

  1. You cannot buy right now what your heart desires.
  2. You cannot experience the thrill of walking on a tight rope over a deep valley with no harness and safety net below you.
  3. You cannot spend your old age desperately scrounging for food.