100% complete

We all want to see the bar reach 100%. In the web and our lives.

What do we feel when we remember something we did not complete? Shame. Regret. And what do we feel when we think about something we completed and achieved? Pride and happiness.

But the tragedy is most of the important things take a long time of strenuous efforts to reach the 100% mark. Every year we become less capable of looking at the long term and strategizing our actions.

We must never lose the sight of the bigger picture though. We must break down the mountains of tasks into tiny blocks and give them a 100% mark that you have to reach each day.

Then every day you will work towards reaching that mark and feel the pride when you achieve it each day.

If you won’t do this, nothing else will provide enough motivation and reason for you to keep pushing forward in this constant dopamine-hits world.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

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